ERDN Training Net 02 FEB 2019 2000h Local Report

Steve KC1AWV

Stations Checked in:

Net Control - KC1AWV Steve, in Dover via Echolink - AEC East Rockingham
KB1WFK Mike, in Exeter via Echolink
K1ACL Fred, in Rochester via BM DMR - AEC Strafford

Echolink Installers
After formal checkins were taken, since the only other station that Net Control heard was KB1WFK, the net was turned to an informal net
KB1WFK received an email from K1ACL stating he was trying to check in, but was not heard on the net. However, K1ACL was able to hear everyone
NC checked via a second link to Brandmeister to take K1ACLs checkin and provided a relay back into the net
NC relayed information about the versatility of digital ham networks, some bullet points were wide-area coverage with a single net, coverage for hotspots in areas not conducive of repeater operations, and checkins from stations outside the area
Some follow up would be for the Kensington D-Star repeater to add in XLX740 into their host files so that it can be used to connect into the net, providing a second D-Star repeater capable to be used
Another item would be to check with PCARC to see if W1WQM repeater can be added to Echolink, providing a familiar analog repeater for use on the network
A lot of good testing and diagnostic information was given to NC to make repairs and fix issues with DMR into the net
Net was closed at 2037h Local time

I want to thank KB1WFK and K1ACL in testing out this trial-by-fire net on Saturday. I certainly have some more work to do to improve the reliability of the network. All in all, I am happy that we were able to have an official net, and I look forward to more stations participating in the future.

Steve KC1AWV