sticky East Rockingham Digital Network (ERDN) Training Net update!

Steve KC1AWV

I would like to update everyone on the status of the ERock Digital Network (ERDN) Training Net.
At this time, there are many ways to connect and participate in the ERDN.
Allstar - Node 46550
Echolink - KC1AWV-L
Brandmeister DMR - TG 3122790
Yaesu Fusion - YSF 43349
XLX D-Star - XRF740C (Audio is sometimes choppy, working with the DVSwitch people on this)
P25 and Phone Autopatch are a work in progress
External links and patches are welcome, if you would like to get more information, please let me know.
I have worked long and hard to get it to this point, and I encourage everyone that is interested to please participate. Some of the benefits of ERDN are:
  • Mode agnostic - I am working to bring all digital modes and networks available to radio operators into ERDN for cross-compatibility
  • Audio quality - Digital voice does not have the same fading issues as analog, all transmissions are clear and readable (so long as they make it to the repeater, hi hi)
  • Wide area coverage - With more links / repeaters / hotspots added into ERDN, an area larger than East Rockingham can be serviced - think statewide, EROCK members out of the area, or NH Section participation
  • APRS capabilities - Most digital modes have capabilities of sending / receiving GPS data, making location finding of an operator easier during an event
The Allstar node also has an audio stream being sent to Even if you are unable to participate directly, you can listen to what's happening on ERDN at this link. Feed archives are also available for listening any time.
Questions, comments, gripes, and concerns are welcome! Please let me know of any ideas or suggestions you have!

ERDN Training Nets are held on Saturdays at 2000 Eastern time.

Thank you
Steve KC1AWV